Meet the Guardian Monsters, the first in a series, introduces the characters who help children overcome fears. Elise Fisher Woodward also illustrated Oh, Playmate.
Meet the Guardian Monsters

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4 Responses to Books

  1. Enicia says:

    These will now be the gifts I give to every kid for birthdays and baby showers! Wonderful work! Move over, Eric Carle!

  2. What fabulous books – I have a friend who is dying of testicular cancer and he is reading all the books he can on video for is 2 young boys – just love the idea of the Monster Guardian ; D

  3. What a great idea! And this blog is very inviting – colorful background and the illustrations of the monsters are wonderful. I hope it catches the eye of many who will want to learn more about “Guardian Monsters.”

  4. lynB says:

    Books are wonderful. I’ve always read to my children and now my grandchildren. However they are all toooo old now. Perhaps I can adopt a little grandchild ? The illustrations are wonderful, so bright and colorful. I will pass this on. Lyn

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